Be Not Afraid (BNA) is a private non-profit corporation whose mission is to provide comprehensive, practical, and peer-based support to parents experiencing a prenatal diagnosis and carrying to term.  In addition, BNA encourages development of new services so more parents find support at diagnosis by offering training, consulting and technical assistance as well as materials to other organizations and individuals committed to service development. 



Dates: Wednesday, October 22nd, 7:30 - 9:00 pm EST Presenters: Sandy Buck, BNA Co-Founder and Director Recent medical research from the fields of obstetrics, perinatology, pediatric cardiology and...


Date:  Saturday, October 25, 2014 Presenter:  Tracy Winsor, BNA Co-Founder and Peer Minister   Sponsored by the Diocese of St. Petersburg, the content of this program and registratio...


Dates: Wednesday and Thursday, November 5th and 6th, 7 - 9:00 pm EST Presenters: TBA The purpose of this two-part workshop will be to prepare peer ministers to offer comprehensive local ...

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Unexpected Joy


You Are Mine


A Blossom Unfolding

At 6 weeks gestation we learned we were pregnant - a joyful surprise! At 7 1/2 weeks there were some problems. Two blood tests 48 hours apart indicated I'd miscarried, we were devastated. Just to be sure, the doctor performed an internal ultrasound. There she was, the size of a kidney bean shaped like a shrimp with a beating heart - hallelujah! read more »