What do Parents Say About BNA?

97% agreed that the BNA support they received was important to their personal well-being in the experience of carrying to term.

BNA gave me so much guidance and support as I didn't know anyone who had received a prenatal diagnosis like we had.

The support we received was game-changing.  I can't imagine having gone through this without BNA.

Such amazing support and information to help me parent my little guy the best I could while he was here with me.

It made a tremendous difference being able to talk with someone 1) who had also experienced a similar experience and 2) who wasn't involved in my life otherwise.

The support we received from BNA was invaluable. Their support and resources were instrumental in getting the best care for our baby that we could.


97% agreed that the BNA peers and volunteers were sensitive to their needs and knowledgeable.

Absolutely!  They were so kind, encouraging, and knew so much of what we were facing.

Especially helpful to have a guide whose son had the same diagnosis.

They provided such wonderful care and resources for us and our son. Their love for us and our son was shown throughout our pregnancy and the months that followed.

95% agreed that BNA provided support not otherwise available to them.

Yes, we had a lot of caring friends and family but none of them really understood what were going through.  I don't know what we would have done without BNA.

No one else really knew what I was going through and not everyone understood or was willing to help.  BNA was there for me every step of the way.

I was grateful for the support I received.  It was invaluable!

Although we had great family and community support, BNA helped us with things family and friends would not know how to help with--practical things like writing a birth plan, arranging a priest for a hospital baptism, connecting us with peers, etc.

What is BNA?

Be Not Afraid (BNA) is a private non-profit organization which provides comprehensive case management to parents carrying to term following a prenatal diagnosis.  Recognizing the often difficult and unique situations faced by parents, BNA supports parents in welcoming their baby and parenting to the best of their ability both before and after birth.  BNA staff and peers strive to develop a relationship of trust while providing for the emotional and tangible needs of parents at diagnosis, during pregnancy, at birth and during the post postpartum period for up to one year.  Parents are supported in preparing a written birth and newborn care plan, and provided with practical guidance, information and referrals specific to their baby's diagnosis and their needs. Every baby is a gift, and BNA supports parents not only in advocating for basic care, but also in obtaining the treatment they deem appropriate for their child after birth no matter the diagnosis.  BNA follows the ethical teaches of the Catholic Church, but serve parents of all denominations.