Bishop Peter Joseph Jugis (BNA Board Episcopal Moderator) is a native of Charlotte, N.C., and is the fourth Bishop of the Diocese of Charlotte. Bishop Jugis was educated in Catholic and public schools in his hometown earning a degree in business administration from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte in 1979. 

After graduation he entered the seminary at the Pontifical North American College in Rome and studied at the Pontifical Gregorian University. He was ordained to the priesthood on June 12, 1983, by Blessed John Paul II in St. Peter's Basilica in Rome.

Bishop Jugis earned additional degrees in canon law after his ordination. The Pontifical Gregorian University awarded him a licentiate in1984. In 1993, he received his doctorate in canon law (JCD) from The Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C.

Bishop Jugis first offered his blessing of the efforts of Be Not Afraid in the Diocese of Charlotte in 2010.His on-going personal encouragement particularly as it relates to the important work of serving families and welcoming vulnerable newborns has been meaningful in BNA’s primary focus providing comprehensive and direct support to parents carrying to term.  He was both a sponsor and an attendee of BNA’s first service provider conference, and it was at his urging that BNA incorporated as a private nonprofit in December of 2011.



Maggi Fitzpatrick Nadol has a Bachelor’s degree from Mercy College of Detroit, a nursing degree from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, and a Master's in Counseling from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. In nursing, she worked in obstetric medicine, outpatient surgery and home health. 

She formerly served as the Respect Life Director for the Diocese of Charlotte, and maintains licensure as a counselor in the State of NC. She coordinated and facilitated Rachel’s Vineyard retreats (a ministry for post-abortion healing) in the Diocese of Charlotte. She also served on the Advisory Board for Catholic Voice NC, a nonpartisan website regarding political issues and legislation which is operated by the NC Bishops. 

Maggi’s relationship with BNA began when she agreed to support the development of the local Charlotte ministry by way of funding, and secured the sponsorship of a 2008 BNA workshop and roundtable by Catholic Social Services of the Diocese of Charlotte. Her support that first year was invaluable. In the years since, Maggi’s personal encouragement and mentoring have been instrumental in the continued growth and development of BNA. 

Maggi is married to Noel and they have five grown children (Megan, Patrick, Erin, Sean-Thomas and Stanislav who was adopted from Russian and seven grandchildren. 



Shulena Curry (BNA Board Secretary) is from Elkhart, Indiana. She studied early education and childhood development and operates a daycare business.  She is the single parent of a son, Elijah, and twin daughters (Addison and Layla) who were diagnosed with TTTS  (Twin to Twin Syndrome) prenatally.  Shulena was referred to BNA in 2009 when she was pregnant with the twins. Her story is featured in an article published by the National Catholic Bioethics Center.

Shulena has served as a BNA peer for several years and currently chairs the BNA bereavement team.  She has also helped with numerous administrative efforts including fundraising.  



Peggy Gallo graduated from the University of Scranton with a B.S. in Accounting. She is a Realtor with Helen Adams Realty in Charlotte, NC, and has had extensive board experience supporting community-based organizations in various positions of leadership. 

Growing up in northern New Jersey, Peggy met BNA co-founder Sandy Buck in high school. They have remained life-long friends, and shared the experience of prenatal diagnosis and perinatal loss when in 2001 and 2002, Peggy lost a son (John Cade) to an umbilical cord accident and a daughter with Trisomy 18 (Peyton) to miscarriage, and Sandy’s son (Casey) was born still following a prenatal diagnosis of Trisomy 18. 

Over the years since, Peggy has used her experience of loss to support others working in parish-based bereavement ministry.  She has served on the Board of Trustees for three years.  

Peggy is married to John and she has two grown step daughters, a 7th grade daughter (Carson Lee) and a 3rd grade son (Cade.) 



Susan Guilfolye graduated from Western Michigan University with degrees in Early Childhood and Elementary Education. Originally from Detroit, she has taught at Reedy Creek Elementary in Charlotte, NC for 21 years in the 3rdand 4th grade and also as a Literacy Facilitator.

Susan is married to Tim and the two have three sons. Aidan, their youngest, was born still on August 1, 2010 having been diagnosed at 11 weeks gestation with Trisomy 18. Susan was referred to BNA by the genetics counselor who provided information regarding that diagnosis. Aidan was the fifth baby welcomed by BNA Charlotte and Susan’s belly bow picture has become one of the most recognizable BNA images gracing the front of the BNA service brochure since the year of Aidan’s birth. She is also quoted in the BNA Pastoral Care Manual. 

Susan has worked in various capacities with BNA.  She creates the one year anniversary gifts provided to every BNA family, and served as organizer and chair of BNA’s first fundraiser (the BNA Run for Life, Love and Hope 5K) in October of 2012. 



Jamie Swanson grew up in southeastern NC, and graduated from UNC-Wilmington in 2000 with a BA in Therapeutic Recreation. She currently resides in
Wilmington, NC. with her husband, Jonathan. She is mother to two sons (Noah and Preston) and Caroline who was prenatally diagnosed with Trisomy 13 and born still in 2011. Jamie was referred to BNA when pregnant with Caroline.
Jamie is very involved with her Church and she leads a Women's/Mom's small group/bible study. She has been active in a local MOPS (mothers of preschoolers) group for over 5 years, and is an Advanced Director with Pampered Chef.  It is in that capacity that she has coordinated annual 2Pampered Chef fundraisers for BNA since 2013.



John Dickson was born and raised in Texas. He studied Telecommunications-Media Science at Texas A&M and currently lives in Lexington, KY with his wife, Kristina.  John and Kristina, were thrilled when she became pregnant in 2013 with their first child. Their daughter, Gianna, was prenatally diagnosed with T18, and lived for twenty minutes following her birth in June of 2014. They were referred to BNA by a family member shortly after Gianna's diagnosis.   
In addition to serving on the BNA Board of Trustees, John organized the first BNA Golf Scramble which was held in Lexington in 2015, and he and Kristina are supporting the development of a BNA-modeled ministry in the Diocese of Lexington.


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Advisory Council

Dr. Martin J. McCaffrey, MD, UNC Health Care in Chapel Hill, NC (neonatology)
Dr. Marie T. Hilliard, PhD, JCL, RN Director of Bioethics and Public Policy, NCBC
Theresa Bonapartis, Director of Lumina/Hope and Healing After Abortion
Dr. Gwyneth Susil, MD (pediatrics)

Amy Daniels, Director of the Office of Formation & Discipleship, Archdiocese of Atlanta

Monica Rafie, Founder,, Past Board of Trustees Chairperson