Parent Support

Catholic services providing support to parents carrying to term following a prenatal diagnosis utilize the perinatal hospice model of support while following the ethical teachings of the Catholic Church with regard to the dignity of human life, disability advocacy, and end of life issues. In addition, several faith-based services are also utilizing the  Be Not Afraid (BNA) model of care in service development as provided in the BNA Pastoral Care Manual. BNA is a Catholic private non-profit organization which serves the Diocese of Charlotte in North Carolina. To refer yourself or someone else to BNA please click here.

Other Catholic Services Supporting Parents Carrying to Term

  • Diocese of Providence, "My Child, My Gift"  Contact:  Carol Owens, 401-278-4508
  • Archdiocese of Omaha, "Journey to Love"  Contact:  Whitney Bradley, 402-551-9003 x 1306
  • Diocese of Allentown, "You Are Not Alone"  Contact: Sr. Janice Marie Johnson, RSM, 610-289-8900 x 245 OR Teri Dakuginow, 610-435-1541 x 334
  • Archdiocese of New York, "Diana's Hope"  Contact: Dr. Anne  Nolte (National Gianna Center for Women's Health and Fertility), (212) 481-1219
  • Archdiocese of Philadelphia, "Lily's Gift"  Contact: Sr. Kathleen Schipani, 215-587-3530 OR Kathleen Bevenour, 215-945-2550 OR email OR visit
  • Diocese of Fort Wayne - South Bend, "Miriam's Blessing" Contact: Lisa Everett OR visit website
  • Diocese of Charleston, "Assisting Parents with Difficult Pregnancies" Contact: The Office of Family Life at 803.547.5063 OR email
  • Archdiocese of Galveston - Houston, "Jerome's Hope"  Contact:  Julie Fritsch at (713) 741-8728 OR visit website

Other Faith-Based Servies

  • "Ethan's Hope: Anencephaly Care" Contact:  Lauren Bishop, 770-658-9968 (providing local support to parents in GA with a prenatal diagnosis of anencephaly)
  • "Isaiah's Promise" Contact: Jenny Moehler (providing local support Virginia and Maryland)


For a list of services nationally that provide non-faith based perinatal hospice support, visit